After reading that American blues guitarist, Walter Trout, was on the list for a lover transplant in Nebraska, my mind went there. And by there, I mean the misspelling, not Nebraska.

I’m not making light of his health problems or need of a new liver. Thankfully, Trout recently received a liver transplant and his health is improving. Oh, and his wife is by his side.

That said…


–  –  –  –

Lover Transplant

Once I read about

This Nebraska guy getting

Sicker by the day

. . .

Spent years on the list

Needing a lover transplant

Wounds self-inflicted

. . .

Disease brought on by

Excesses of life and love

The abusive years

. . .

Lower on the list

You and I seldom traded

Hates for I love yous

. . .

We learned from time served

Subtlety sees a marriage

Through abuse of years

. . .

Overt insults not

In vogue these long married days

Honey bless your heart

–  –  –  –