Images & Processes

Until my website redesign is complete, here are some images I’ve made over the years:

Nature – Some older film images

Canyonlands Dusk

Canyonlands Dusk © Todd Vinson

Sedona Storm

Sedona Storm © Todd Vinson

Mesa Arch

Mesa Arch © Todd Vinson

Night Photography – When I can’t sleep I do this …

Carolina Midnight

Carolina Midnight © Todd Vinson

Jefferson Memorial Storm

Jefferson Memorial Storm © Todd Vinson

Long Night

Long Night © Todd Vinson

Wet Plate Collodion – Original plates vary in size from 4×5 to 11×14

Abandoned Collodion Factory

Abandoned Factory and Water Tower © Todd Vinson

Abandoned Collodion Factory

Abandoned Factory © Todd Vinson

Abandoned Collodion Factory

Abandoned Plant diptych © Todd Vinson

Grandfather Absentia

From "Grandfather" series, "In Absentia" Exhibit © Todd Vinson

Experimental Collodion – Combining 19th century photography with modern photographic techniques

Blind Self Portrait after 911

Blind Self-Portrait After 911 © Todd Vinson

“Blind Self-Portrait After 911” is my attempt to create a self-portrait in wet plate collodion with my eyes closed. Doing a potentially lethal process outdoors “blind” seemed less absurd than what had just happened to us.

Absentia Family

Where's Mommy? © Todd Vinson

“Where’s Mommy?” is an 8×10 wet plate collodion image on glass made from an old family photograph printed on transparency, backlit with UV, then re-photographed using my 11×14 collodion camera. The peeling on the left is the collodion failing to adhere to the glass.

Collodion Street

Collodion Street © Todd Vinson

“Collodion Street” is a traditional black and white contact print using a wet plate collodion glass image as the darkroom negative. The collodion plate was made from the projected image of a medium format slide from an old enlarger.

Locust Landing

Locust Landing at Full Moon © Todd Vinson

“Locust Landing at Full Moon” makes use of a collection of dead bugs and other found objects arranged on a glass surface under a UV light source. A collodion plate was prepared and placed just under the glass surface, making the closest thing possible to a collodion contact print. A collodion image must be made while the plate is still wet, so nothing can touch the surface.

Experimental Non-Collodion – I am not a mad scientist, just a curious one …

Dear Skull

Dear Deer Skull © Todd Vinson

I found this deer skull on vacation. I cleaned it up in the hotel bath tub and let it age several seasons in the back yard. This image was made using a flatbed scanner as the camera. The stripes are from the towel covering the skull during scanning.

1899 Jail

1899 Jail Occupied © Todd Vinson

The original 1899 Jail image is a 35mm slide scanned and digitally manipulated, then printed on a transparency sheet. The transparency was then used as the negative for a Van Dyke Brown print. The print was sun-exposed on watercolor paper, then re-scanned, digitally toned, and printed and re-scanned several more times for artificial aging.

Van Dyke Brown Inkrun

Van Dyke Brown Tree © Todd Vinson

The original Van Dyke Brown Tree image is a 35mm slide, scanned, transformed into a negative, then accidentally printed on the wrong (glossy) side of a transparency sheet. A Van Dyke Brown print was made from the transparency. The print was sun-exposed for 30-45 minutes.

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