Seems that Friday wants to become poetry day. Let’s call today, “Fragments Friday,” as in partial poems, as in feelings and observations put in poetic form, then placed in a box for future reference.

They are a mix of 17-syllable structures (5/7/5) and Rengas (5/7/5/7/7). Some have potential. Others are missing something. Most are just snapshots of ideas not yet pursued, and a few are unworthy of pursuit.

So, I’ve invited you over so I can lift a box of poetry fragments in the air and turn it upside down over your head. Yay! It’s a confetti party!

Now picture yourself picking up the scattered fragments and reading each one. In other words, help me clean up the mess. Or just scroll down…

– . – . – . –

The Gone Driver

Yesterday’s man passed
In Lincoln driving one hand
Holding a Bud Lite

Yesterday’s driver
What did you see in me
When looking my way

Head shake turn a sharp
Corner you disappearing
And forever gone 

– – – –

Hope to Believe

You deliver the news
Grace is sufficient never
Enough but sufficient

Somewhere but not here
There is a baby crying
Silence here silence

Keep me in your way
I will find the love for it
You is understood

– – – –


Ted Kaczynski has
A number of 54
Serial killers

Possess low heart rates
When at rest remain deeply calm
My number is 53

– – – –

Tea Time

Wow did you feel that
That blast rattled our tea cups
Great now I’ve got tea stained slacks

– – – –

Las Sombras (The Shadows)

Boy on porch drinking
Sounds of ice cubes settling
Bright sun cloudless breeze
A mom senses when shadows
Approach the door shut locked dark

– – – –

Leftovers and Moist Towelettes

Next to you growling
Still hungry after last night
Did not get enough?
You may have my ribs to eat
Leftovers and moist towelettes

– – – –

Fighting Odds

It’s 50/50 he said
Doc rocked his hand back and forth
As if not quite sure
If he wanted a fresh-cut
Pickle wedge with his sandwich

I stand a better
Chance of dying crossing a
Busy rush hour street
But I live on country roads
He said sorry to hear that

I assessed risks of
Living through a normal day
Slipping in the tub
Strangling on bacon attacked
Heart from a piece of bacon

Choking on my spit
Driving to or from work or
Sit walk stand at work
Bite through extra pickle wedge
Fall over dead shirt stained or

Junk mail paper cut
So open mail or trash it?
Infection or may
Already be a winner
Two options: 50/50

– – – –

Good Day

Homeless man counts cash
Got two umbrellas and a
Promise of friendship
Walks north in rain counting
Umbrella under each arm

– – – –

Armed and Self-Dangerous

In Wal-Mart sweat pants
He asks baggy younger friend
Packing heat aren’t you
Says passing me yeah man yeah
Loaded too he taps his leg

Shoot yourselves first I
Say hearing they both mumble
Mumble huh yo what?
Trying to look as bad as
Part of them wishes they were

Yo man what you say
I said you’ll shoot yourself first
Boasting about a
False advantage you each lack
Strength in parts of speech yo yo

–  –  –  –

Deaf Smart and Blind Cat

Woman in pet store
Rescues deaf blind cats asks which
Food is best for that

Unknowing I ask
What are they living on now
Love and homemade food

She says they are fine
Bless their hearts so sweet she says
Huh? Where did you go?

I follow her scent
To land of milk and honey
Litter pan shared life

– . – . – . –