Where would we be without dreams that wake us up to write? Asleep I guess. And at peace.

– – – –

Clown Car

Stop making fun of my Fiat already.

It’s not a clown car!

But it’s a stupid car. So small it should be – Stop!

Me stop no you stop making fun of my non-clown car.

No accident ahead. Stop. No kidding stop.

Pulled over saw car pint-sized and overturned.

Exhaust smoke glass crack crooked cyclops stare decapitated headlight.

One wheel spun losing traction airborne.

Driver undead mis-headed spinning wobbly topped center-lined.

No earthly passengers within visible realm.

The invisible funneled out cracked black window.

Ribbons invisible color slid road blown winds into Fiat open-doored.

Report made drove home no words.

Full backseat overflow with space to fill.

Home unseen dead-scene clown collection explored home unseen.

Bed-ridden dead tired humans deep slept.

Clowns flounced around find fun house human throat sounds.

Wife slept choked on colorful tongue long flat exhale inhale deep.

Out they came rainbow streams projectile spew funny-flavored gum balls.

Mixed with neon vomit-ribbons mid-air-morphed into clownish shapes.

Skinny fat tiny small large larger clowns red-nosed big-collared air-dances. 

Fingers over hundred red lips hover-giggled watching sleep.

Broken silence I applaud sleepy-naked overhung from the entertainment.

Do it again! Do it again!

Was I snoring she sleep-asked.

Duh your wide polka-dot tongue tie rolled up between snorts.

All escaped free from laughter on the other side before final sleep.

She awakened late to an empty house

Empty world full of confetti party over but wait car engine revving

Come back with more other-side friends let’s all go look for trouble.

It’s out there.

– – – –