Making with everyday mistakes is not the same as making mistakes every day.

Everyday mistakes are no lame. Make them big …

– – – –

VDB Tree

Every Day Mistakes

People always ask:

What gave you the idea for this image?

It’s a photograph not a painting?

How did you make it?

Mostly I say stupid mistakes

Then they want proof always proof

As if stupid words are not enough

Rushed no attention to detail

Detail that was lost in printing

Wrong-sided on excessively expensive transparency

Rich ink poured oozed ran gathered in expensive places not wanted

Like here on the new hardwood floor and stray ink there pooled

Like strangers meeting like strangers on the wrong plane after takeoff

Fine detail lost next step slow down to mix chemicals then sun-bake transparency

Hours later Van Dyke Browned print from 1800s well stupid here rushed the idea before rushing gushing inks

Sun-printed reverse image onto expensive paper and ugly negative results

Final result re-scanned printed digitally with little ink left – but…

Combining 19th 20th and 21st century techniques my “work” suggests new false truth

Wrapped in old lie – artist statement writes itself in spite of stupid artist

How can you be so brilliant so creative so careless so so stupid

How can you be sos voiced from four strangers at once as if art

Laughter like wrong-sided ink turns positives from negatives

I say latter things to a highly-reflective surface every day

Every day that I make mistakes that is

Only every day I make mistakes

– – – –