I’ve encountered some head-scratching formatting problems with my recent attempts to post updates to an ongoing story. Typically, I use Scrivener for initial story drafts (sometimes Word), then I migrate to MappingTheEdge.com for final edits. Usually, it’s not an issue. Lately, it’s been an exercise in frustration, with posts not being saved, or saved but not updated, or updated, but saved with weird spacing that make sentences and paragraphs disjointed and unreadable.

After some troubleshooting, I’ve decided to delete the most recent posts. I’ll include the last few posts with the unpublished portions in PDF as a complete story at some later date.

Until then, I’m posting something in an hour or so that was inspired by photos inside a clamshell photo holder. It came to me in story form as I walked a cat this morning. The story is dedicated to the recent loss of a dear family member, one who I’m not sure I ever saw non-smiling.

Seems that many of my friends are experiencing losses. I think the new story with supporting images is my attempt to focus on experiencing the founds.