In 150 words …

Yesterday, we created a 150-word story from the opening sentence, leave the room quietly. That post is here. Today, let’s take that same opening line and see if it leads us down a different path …

.   –   .    –   .   –   .

“Leave the room quietly.”

“One more. Smile.”

My wife held the newborn against her breast. Tapped the screen, saw a flash, heard an artificial shutter click.

“These better not show up online, mister,” she giggled like new mothers do.

“Let’s go before somebody wakes up.” Waved at the baby.

“I’ll be down soon. She’s almost done.”

Left the baby’s room, closed the door. Silent steps until loose boards on the second step. Should have remembered. Stupid not to.

Drank the remaining wine, rinsed and dried glasses, carefully placed them exactly where I’d found them.

“Love to have a house like this one day,” said out loud.

Then noises from the master bedroom, voices in the hall, baby room door opening, surprise, confusion, screaming, crying, something falling down the stairs, or pushed.

Ran out the back door, didn’t look back. Went to funeral though.

–   .   –   .    –   .   –