Guys, I’ve received several offers for sponsorship on Mapping the Edge, and in every case but one, I’ve said thanks, but no. Every time but one.

I’m not against accepting pay for what I do. Quite the opposite. Actually, it’s not literally the opposite, because that would mean that I’d be paying you to read it. That’s probably not going to happen.

The reason I said no was that the advertising plan was for me to embed links to their products within my posts, as part of the content. I just didn’t see it working out.

That said, I’d gladly re-write stories about Harry and Sled with sponsorship links to a real Asylum and Crematoria, including location and hours of operation. I would not hesitate to mention the custom tailoring services for the dresses modeled by the stair-dwelling almost-triplet girls, or the brand of chocolate bar Harry fed Sled..

How cool would it be to name the padlock manufacturer used to secure Sled’s chains, or his brand of root beer, or the printing services for the images of Mary, or the pharmaceutical that Harry drove into Sled’s arm?

“Friends, when you’re shooting up a serial killer pervert to get information, be sure to use …. Harry would use nothing less, although Sled would use just about anything, and often does.”

Either I’m being selective or stupid. Probably stupid. So, if anyone wants to sponsor Mapping the Edge, let’s talk. If you own or run an asylum or crematoria (or crematorium, or crematory), let’s talk. And if you want me to check out your product and write a review, let’s talk. That’s the one sponsorship offer I’ve said yes to so far. I got free stuff, so it was a win-win.

I have my standards. I’m just not afraid to lower them for the right price. Hurry though. The tour bus is coming down the hill, and slowing for the speed bumps. The customers are almost here. Don’t make me get desperate.