In 100 words…

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An Unexpected Delay in Departure

girl in airport 01

Private conversation

One lover

All in

One not

Eavesdropping stranger

Overheard whys

Why when plane arrives

One will not be on it

Why it’s not her fault

Why she should move on

After some time

Maybe be friends

girl in airport 03

Relationships end here

Almost die daily




“Sorry for over-hearing. You deserve better.”

Maybe, “Leave me alone!”

Maybe, “Thank you.”

Or, “You’re sweet.”

Sweet eavesdropper

A private conversation

“How are you feeling?”


“He’s right, it’s not your fault. Move on.”

“Onto where?”


“The airport?”

“No. Here.”

“It’s too soon.”

“I’ve got time.”

And after time

Maybe be friends

girl in airport 08

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