I’m adding a new category to Mapping the Edge today, called, “In 100 Words“. Interspersed between my longer pieces will be 100-word shorts.

Those who follow Mapping the Edge know how difficult that will be for me! I only do long posts because I don’t have time to do shorter ones.

Here’s the first:

(Special thanks to The Love Lives of the Artists Facebook post today)

Creativity is a wild thing. It is something that can’t be bred in captivity

I wish I had thought of that, but credit goes to author, Willa Cather. Actually, Willa said that about singing, but it has universal application.

Can we be creative on demand? Yes. We can always be creative. We should be, or at least we should always strive to be, creative.

But I’m not talking about responding to creative urge. I’m not talking about creativity; I’m talking about Creativity.

It must be grown wild, not captively bred. That’s where authentic art lives, and where we find breath.