.   –   .   –   .

She Played, and Sometimes Sang

The old woman would have played music

if not for pain

she would have sometimes sung

but pain

but when she would see her husband


forgotten hurt

and he would speak to her

take my hand

get up

just one step

take just one step

you can do this

he would say

with a little help

just one step

and if one

why not another

we can do this

persistence is the key

he always said

in love

and life


a step toward him

a smile

he would speak to her

just one more time

and if one more

why not another

just start a song

any song

at least just start

for me

he said

for you

and if start

why not finish

and if one song finished

why not two

he was persistent

sometimes stubbornly so

almost always lovingly so

hearing you play always

always he said

makes me smile

it keeps us young

both of us


if it is good for one

why not two

so for him

for herself

for all these years

for those reasons

she plays

she plays her music

and sometimes

she sings to him

in spite of pain

and her loss of him

she plays

in stubbornness

and in love

just once

and if once

why not more


it is the key

he always said


he smiled

she moved

one step

toward him

one more step

in and out of pain

in love

stubborn love

–   .   –   .   –