What if we could re-gift our horoscopes? Would the perceived power go to our heads?


.   _   .   _   .

I am Your Moon, Uplifting

Your 2nd House of
Self-Esteem is brightened by
An Uplifting Moon

So accept open-armed
This moonshine of confidence
Be done pretending

Instead start to look
On sunny sides and stop that
Wasted energy

Pretending you’re good
With your as-is life you’re not
You’re not because your

Counts more than anything else
More than fake laughter

So I grant to you
My horoscope for today
I’ve no use for it

I changed all pronouns
Except the stanza above
You second person

This I’ve done for you
Don’t pretend to not need help
Don’t patronize me

.   _  .   _  .