I’ve been stuck on multiple stories of fiction recently. I’ve never had this many (about seven) in work at one time, and not be able to finish at least one. I’m working my way through a few of them, so expect one by the end of the weekend.

It may be interesting to pin one of those stories to the table and dissect. We could look at it from concept to completion, including the part where I wandered through the Land of Stuckness, and why.

Until then, here is today’s poem. After all, it’s Poetry Phriday.

_    _    _    _

The Farmer’s Almanac Weather for September 12, 2001: New York, NY and Washington, DC

Clear temps near 80

Visibility 10 miles

Hold steady pressure

.    .    .

Skies calm with slight breeze

Increasing winds overnight

Stagnant air leaving

.    .    .

Storm spinning offshore

Moving east out of harm’s way

Pleasant early fall

_    _    _    _