I didn’t do a poem last Friday because I was moving. Today, I do two poems because I am moved.


–  –  –  –


Vanessa Hudgens Dyes Her Hair Turquoise

Currently trending
Fourth in Yahoo’s Top Ten list
Above a plane crash

Corporate layoffs
And bridge on verge of collapse
I ask only why

Why must I know why
Because she was bored that’s why
Now I understand

–  –  –  –


Old Man Odor

I am protected
48 continuous
Hours I smell like

Arctic Ice scent with
Odors eliminated
At the source: my pits

Two days no showers
On 49th hour odor
Returns to the pits

Somebody invent
Naturally scented Youth

In roll-on and gel
Skateboarder’s or Runner’s Sweat
Smell of Returned Years

Give to me Ascent
Olympians strong and quick
Is that Lack of Fear?

Scents for each event
Like bobsledding or curling
Not fresh arctic ice

I will wait warming
A bench soon surrounded by
Cheering hungry birds

Ignorant of age
Eyes tracing my stale bread toss
Applause of more sir, more

–  –  –  –