I first learned of this fact from dental x-rays when I was a kid.

“Did you two know you have extra rows of teeth above your permanent teeth,” he asked. “See?”

“That explains a lot,” I said. “I’m not crazy. And neither am I. My not-so-imaginary friend is literally in my head.”

“I’m telling your mom that you’re weird.”

“She knows.”

“Open wide…”

– – – –

I Nearly Became One Me

In the beginning

Stronger out-ate weaker

What could have been

Identical twins

Merge to half whole

Doctor asked if I knew

What x-rays know

Purpose served?

Or for threats late in life?

I asked to doc’s raised eyebrows

Was I meant to be twins?

Gnashing one against other?

Artist writing engineer verses?

Who will win who did who is?

Who said that?

Sharp-suited bohemian

Comfortable with artist scenes

Ignore my quirky logic

Tie tied backwards socks mis-matching

Squared in the round hole liking the role

An accidental?

Or what I should be? A have-been?

Intentional designed shape-formed made this way?

Answers come

When this question mark becomes one period 

I’m still chewing

– – – –