I don’t have a clue what this means.

– – – –

salesman traveling cropSalesman Traveling

Like a dust devil he comes

Hat permanently suited never sweating

Passing from big to big paused in this little annual place

Bringing big-city joy at down-home country prices

Truth he likes Granny’s cooking

Smells of big city smoke

I’m old enough this year I tell

Sorry kid same trunk plundering for you

Metal wind-up toys smell of red paint

Blue plastic frog

Ever see a blue frog in these parts

I think not

Dull green frogs found

In that trickled country stream of mud

Three in your pocket for a green dollar bill

Travel man cigar-bites end no-light

City pocket empty

Country pockets store things

Matches spectrum of frogs sharp knife

Match-trade for remains held locked trunk

Add cold cup metal deep-welled water and deal



Slip-key lock-turn

Trunk lid-lift both-way-looking  

Hurry before escape back to big cities

Tender eyes scratch old in narrow light

Everything with a price

Money changed

Time to kill

Country boy-man grown

Uncomfortable suited at home

Strike matching cigar smoke

Burned up and down

For no good reason

No visits no more

Nobody home young

Trunk for traveling too long left unclosed

Someday full traveling that road to somewhere

Someday trunk full someday someday

Trunk raised

Rust frozen

Kudzu coated


Earth reclaimed

Devil dusted up ahead

Come this way

– – – –