During a rare moment of downtime in the research lab this week, I had a few minutes for lunch with one of the neuroscientists.

He has a PhD and several post doctorate studies in experimental psychology. And dreams. He has dreams.

– – – –

Intimate Lunch Conversation

Sandwich eating silence then

If I were rich I’d eat really good sandwiches

Not the stuff on sale

I mean really good sandwiches

Mayo not dug out of a jar bottom

I’m lazy so I’d have people do stuff for me

Yes like taxes

No like dress and feed me

You know this done that done

Just sign here sign there

Yes like in an old folk’s home

Except a really good old folk’s home

One with really good sandwiches

I can’t imagine being in that situation

Me either me either

But we are both getting older

And one day closer

Just like rich people

You want this?

– – – –