Here is some image-based poetry. This is getting closer to where I live as an artist – images combined with text.

I was in love with this girl. I wish I knew her name …

– – – –

Distance Between

Distance Between

Mom paid you to pose with me

Unfortunately your brother freely showed

Your dance rhythm re-started a fresh heart

Surviving through decades of beating

Those bells I see this day binding bare brown legs

Leather-strapped alive in white dreams of man

My pale soul clothed in matching new-blue vacation pelt

Itch-scratching like wild beasts in National Geographic

Rubber-tipped killing implements not one but two – who else impressed with two

My ill-fitting-in hat fixed your pictured smile for me

Even after stopped music stopped your smile

My hat brought it back and it froze warm

I have never wondered about your big brother

Never wasted afternoons in confined reserved spaces

Badged and cubicled with thoughts of him

If I could ask one thing

Still wrapped in dancing bells

And smiling love in your 50s

Have you ever stopped mid-dance to wish

If only for a summer’s moment

To leave your life

And close this distance between?

– – – –