Short post for a short subject…

For those who are not familiar with the term, nanofiction is an extremely short story format. It generally refers to stories that are 300 words or less in length.

I believe the original definition of nanofiction was very specific, and described a story that’s exactly 55 words long. I took that 55-word concept and applied it to free-verse poetry (since I’m not a poet, why not!).

Thought you’d enjoy a mid-week nano-post. Expect more frequent (but shorter) posts from now on!

Water Colors

I found my work’s passion today
The janitor streaked porcelain bowls with cobalt blue
Nearly alone I created water colors
Turquoise, Jade, Malachite and Harlequin
Even Cerulean
Yellow snow was never me
I work on liquid canvas
My wife of 27 years thinks I’m only full of shit
She hasn’t time to know me yet