I wanted to say thank you for viewing my images and reading my words, and for subscribing and following MappingTheEdge.com in 2011.

This blog was started in August as a method of pulling myself out of a creative slump. Since then, it’s had almost 3,000 readings. That’s nothing compared to the first five months of some blogs, but it’s more than I initially imagined.

MappingTheEdge has (and is) morphing into something more than originally intended, but I’m good with that if you are! My expectations for 2012 include an electronic magazine, regular audio and video podcasts, and plenty of posts, including guest postings and contributions from other artists. In addition, I will post plans for workshops, classes and artist talks for 2012 in the coming weeks.

If I am fortunate enough to secure sponsorship and advertisers for some of the MappingTheEdge features, it will be done in a way that will not detract from the impact or experience of the art.

Thanks again for following MappingTheEdge!

All the best,