Here’s another of my images with text. This one is not from an old family photograph, as in the previous post. It is an original wet plate collodion image of my wife. The plate didn’t work out as planned, but it served as inspiration for a poem I call, “Just Like Before”.

I have no clue where the poem came from. It was a stream-of-consciousness thing where I put fingers to keys with no pre-conceived notions. As soon as I started typing, I saw myself standing in the kitchen of a highrise apartment, washing dishes and anxiously staring at a bedroom door for some reason. The reason became clear as I wrote.

The text is included under the image for easy reading. Enjoy!

Just Like Before – Wet plate collodion image merged with text.

 Just Like Before

I saw her again last night.

I was in the kitchen washing dishes. Out of the corner

Of my eye I saw our bedroom door open. She emerged,

Looked at me, then walked down the hallway to the

Balcony railing. I ran after her screaming stop stop but

She did not stop. She climbed the balcony. Her gown

Wrapped her body in response to the cool evening breeze.

I reached for her and felt silk slip through my fingers.

She released her grip and fell silent and alone, leaving only the ghost of her scent.

Remembering, I ran humming and slamming doors, anything to block the sound of

Her body exploding on asphalt.

I found myself back in the kitchen, washing dishes and watching the bedroom door.

In the middle of the night, I woke to the scent of a familiar perfume.

I prayed and called her name but no answer came.

I think I heard the sound of sliding glass, then nothing, then another sound.

I buried my face in her pillow and cried and slept, cried and slept

Until the sun came up.

I prayed for her return tonight, and begged for another chance to see her.

If only a fleeting glimpse.

Just like before.

© Todd Vinson